English Electric Class 20 Bo-Bo

English Electric Class 20 Bo-Bo

Introduced in 1957 the first 20 of the English Electric Type 1 locomotives were part of the British Railways pilot scheme to access the suitability of various designs of locomotive.
In the event the Class 20 has proved to be the most reliable of the designs submitted at that time.
The locomotives had an English Electric 8SVT engine developing 1000 hp. linked with an electric transmission.
The initial order was followed up by further order with an eventual total of 228 by 1968.
The class were allocated to all regions of BR. apart from the Western and could be found working on freight trains especially ‘Merry go Round’ coal trains.
In their earlier years they could be found on summer excursions one of the more notable runs being from the East Midlands to Skegness.

BR Number series D8000-D8199 and D8300-D8327.
Tops Numbers 20 001-20 227
Over 20 have been preserved.

The class 20 sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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Class 20

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