Decoder re-blows

We can re-blow your ESU version 4.0 and version 5.0 decoders with our sounds.
Not all sounds are available for 4.0 version decoders, please check first.

Send us your decoder by secure delivery and we will re-blow to a sound of your choice from our libraries and return your decoder.

contact us with your choice and any alterations needed.

You will need to choose your
return postage options as well.

Small alterations to individualise your specific locomotive are free of charge but more complex changes attract a small charge, please
contact us for details.

If you have an ESU Lokprogrammer we can send you the sound file by email, this will save on postage and is delivered over the internet.

If you want to receive your sound file this way please
contact us for details or check the information file here.