About us

Wheeltappers are a small but dedicated group of railway enthusiasts who are interested in both the prototypes and models.
Our frustration with the lack of facilities available on off the shelf sound recordings and items which were merely stock files and not genuine recordings of specific locomotive types let us to creating the sound files which you see offered on our website today.
When you purchase one of our recordings you get a full list of functions that allow you to 'drive' the locomotive just like the real thing.

Our recordings are listed as genuine sounds or where a locomotive type is no longer in action we mark the sound file as generic.

A list of 'F keys' is available on this web site for all our sound projects.

We are willing to tweak our sound files for your specific requirements.
In fact one of our customers for a motive power depot layout had the shed foreman shouting 'OI - Get out of here' to the local trainspotters.
If you are fitting oil lamps to your locomotive you can have 'oil lamp flicker' activated as well.
Small changes like that are made free of charge, for more complex projects there would be a small charge, please
contact us for details.

We would like to supply decoders with our sound files pre-loaded but should you want to have the sounds loaded onto your own decoders please see the
re-blow section of our website.
As our sounds have been developed for use with ESU Loksound V4 and V5 decoders, unfortunately we cannot load the files onto V3.5 or from a V5 to a V4 as those decoders do not have the required memory or facilities to accept our files.

We are always on the lookout for ideas as to what to add to our sound decoders and are always adding new locomotives to our list.
If you do not see what you are looking for please
contact us.
From the Wheeltappers DCC sounds team.

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