To send a file to you we need some information and you also need a Lokprogrammer.

With your locomotive on the programming track or the decoder in a decoder tester you need to open the programmer and go to ‘Read/write CV’s’ then to ‘Decoder information’ and click on the box at the bottom of the screen ‘Read decoder information’

On the 6th line down it will give you the serial number, in this case F9FA65F6.
On the 2nd line down it also gives you the decoder model in this case Loksound 5.
This is the information we need to send you your decoder file which is locked to that decoder.

When we send you the file all you have to do is down load the file from the email and double click on the file to open it.

Click the musical tunes icon under the word tools.
This will open another box ‘Write sound data’.
Make sure both box’s are ticked and click ’next’
This can take unto 30 minutes to load.
Any question please ask.

Capture 3

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