BRCW Class 27 Bo-Bo DE

BRCW Class 27 Bo-Bo DE

Introduced in 1961 the 69 members of the class were fitted with Sulzer 6LDA-28B diesel engines of 1250 bhp, the same type as fitted to the BR Class 25. They were a development of the previously mentioned BRCW Class 26 and shared duties with them. All were allocated to Scottish region depots. 24 members of the class were fitted for use pushing and pulling trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow in top and tail mode. Of the 24 conversions 12 were adapted to provide power for electric train heating. The first withdrawal was in 1966 when D5383 was cut up due to accident damage. Main withdrawals commenced in the late 1970s and continued up until 1987

BR Number series D5347-D5515.
Tops Numbers 27001-27044, 27101-27112 push pull fitted, 27201-27212 push pull and electric heating fitted
8 have been preserved

The class 27 sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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Class 27

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