BRCW Class 26 Bo-Bo DE

BRCW Class 26 Bo-Bo DE

Introduced in 1958 the 47 members of the class were fitted with Sulzer 6LDA-28A diesel engines of 1160bhp, the same as the BR built Class 24. The initial 20 worked out of Kings Cross, the second batch of 27 was allocated to Scotland. To standardise stocks of spare parts the initial 20 moved to Scotland in the 1960s to concentrate the class in the North. The 26s were versatile machines eventually working all over Scotland on Passenger, Parcels and Freight trains. Withdrawals commenced in 1972 with D5328 being cut up after accident damage. The main withdrawals commenced in the late 1970s and continued up until 1993

BR Number series D5300-D5346.
Tops Numbers 26001-26046
13 have been preserved

The class 26 sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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Class 26

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