The Momentum Button

When you press the momentum button you are prompted to enter a momentum level.
There are 9 levels of momentum from 1-9 plus direct drive =0
Pressing a digit button from 0-9 will automatically set the acceleration and deceleration rates of the locomotives being controlled.
Pressing 0 sets the momentum of the train to 0 effectively turning it off.
1 is the smallest amount of momentum and 9 is the most.
If you are operating an advanced or old style consist setup in the command station all locomotives will have their momentum set.
If an old style consist includes one or more advanced consists then all locomotives in the advanced consist will also have their momentum set properly.

What happens when you set a momentum

The digit entered is multiplied by 8 and sent to CV3.
The value sent to CV4 is 1/2 the value sent to CV3.


If you are using an ESU sound or none sound decoder it is very possible that using the momentum button will alter the CV3 and CV4 settings in the decoder and you will be unable to reset the momentum setting back as it has overwritten the decoder settings.
The only way is to reset the decoder back to the factory settings by doing a reset CV8=8.

Doing a factory reset will remove any alterations you have done to the decoder like the decoders address or volume settings.

All the above information is given in good faith and we accept no responsibility for any consequences incurred.