Decoder Features

The sounds have been recorded from a specific locomotive.
There are some features which are very subtle which might not be too noticeable on first hearing the sound project.

For example on some steam locomotives there is a vacuum ejector sound as the train brakes are applied and replenished.

Some steam locomotives have a lever type reverser (a little like a signal box point lever or signal lever) which you can hear clunk as you change direction.

All decoders with coal shovelling have AUX1(Green wire) activated as standard so that if you fit a firebox light it will work without you having to reprogram anything.
It is programmed only to work when coal shovelling is activated.

Standard lamps on steam engines will work as normal if fitted via F0.(White wire forward and Yellow wire reverse).

Some steam locomotive projects have softer chuffs to simulate light engine movements and these can be turned off while in motion to revert back to normal chuffs.

When slowing down most steam projects change to lighter chuffs before going to rod clanking with brake squeal when brakes applied when stopping.
Brake squeal will only work if the braking function button (F5 and F6) is applied.
Rod clanking may have four different random sets of clanking sounds depending on the project.

You have the ability to turn on and off random sounds, most only work when stationary except those with the ejector sound which can be played whilst driving as well.

Train mode will turn off the Red tail lights when pulling a train, not on all projects.

Parking mode will turn on all Reds front and rear when the locomotive is parked, again not all projects have this function.

Volume control lowers or raises the overall volume of the locomotive sounds.

Fade sound will fade the overall sound to zero, press the function button again to raise the sound from zero.

Most decoders are programmed with the automatic uncoupling feature.(see the function list for that locomotive)

Please check out the function listing for a full list of function button actions on the sheet supplied with the decoders sound project.

We recommend fitting a good quality speaker, the largest possible that will fit your locomotive, with an air tight sound chamber fitted to it.
For smaller locomotives where space is at a minimum, two sugar cube speakers wired in parallel, again with air tight sound chambers fitted, will give a good results.
Check out the information page on
speakers and speakers available form our website.