Function Key Features

A new feature added is called Auto Run.
Normally on function button F6, activating this feature will automatically put the locomotive into a chuff then coast running sequence until the function button is released.
This is set at 15 seconds run then 30 seconds coast, this is set into the project and cannot be changed by the user so please inform us if you require this setting changing.
Not all locomotives have this feature, please check the function list of that locomotive to see if it has this feature.

The features marked Alternate can play different sounds when pressed to add variety.
The sounds are randomly selected.
Random sounds are played whilst the locomotive is running or stationary and come on automatically whilst in operation. 
This can be a little too often especially when a large number of locomotives are running at the same time so can be turned off using F26.
This will not turn off the randomly selected sounds with the alternate feature function key.

Latching means that the sound will come on when the F key is pressed and continue until the F key is pressed again.

"Guards whistle" will play once when pressed on and again when pressed off.
It has a dual purpose of drawing the drivers attention and letting passengers know that the train is about to depart.

'Buffer clash' can be set on the function button while shunting your locomotive up to the stock and will activate as you stop the locomotive as it 'Buffer clashes' with the stock, releasing the function button will activate the coupling hook sound.

Cylinder drain cocks only works at very low speeds and will automatically stop working above step 3/28 but will come back on again when speed drops to 2/28 unless turned off.
Not all locomotives have this feature, please check the locomotives function list for more information.

Regarding Automatic uncoupling works in the following manner:- drive the locomotive with its train forward over the uncoupler (magnet or ramp depending on your type of coupling) and stop with the coupling between the locomotive and first carriage over the uncoupler.
Press the corresponding function button and the locomotive will move in the reverse direction allowing the couplings to unlock and then move forward disengaging the coupling.
This can also work in reverse with Kadee couplings where the carriage is still over the magnet.
When the locomotive pushes the carriage back from over the magnet and when clear press the function button and the locomotive will move forward and then reverse to couple to the coupler.

Shunting mode has a cut in the maximum speed of 50%.

AWS Horn when pressed will play the AWS horn sound and will automatically slow the locomotive until pressed again to release the function.