North British/Brush BoBo Locomotive 10800

North British/Brush BoBo Locomotive 10800

In 1950 the North British locomotive Company in Glasgow built this prototype locomotive which borrowed its design features from the then current American Road Switcher practice.
It was fitted with a Paxman 16PHXL engine giving 827hp.
It was used on the London Midland, Southern and eastern regions being shedded at Willesden, Rugby, Norwood Junction and Plaistow being used on a varied number of services: commuter, transfer freight then settling down to cross country passenger work.
In 1959 the locomotive was withdrawn due to problems with the turbocharger and cylinder heads. Brush at Loughborough were needing a locomotive to test AC Generator and Traction Motors, as a result 10800 was rebuilt by them in 1962 with a MaybachMD655 engine of 1400hp.
In its new form it was tested at Rugby Testing Plant and then used on the Great Central lines until 1968. It was returned to Brush who cut it up in 1972.

BR Number 10800
Withdrawn 1968.

10800 sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

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Class 10800

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