Kerr, Stuart & Co. 0-6-0T ‘Victory’

Kerr, Stuart & Co. 0-6-0T ‘Victory’

During WW1 Kerr Stuart & Co. built, at their works in Stoke on Trent, a number of standard and
narrow gauge locomotives for both the French and British Governments.
In 1916/17 Ten 0-6-0 Tank locomotives of the ‘Victory’ Class were built for the Inland Waterways and Docks numbers 10-19.
10 was delivered to the dock at Richborough and 11 was delivered to
The remaining eight were delivered directly to the R.O.D becoming nos.601-608 the
original nos. 10 and 11 becoming ROD Nos. 609 and 610 in 1918.

The locomotives weighted 50 tons had 4ft driving wheels and a pair of outside cylinders 17in x 24in.
On cessation of hostilities all were sold to industrial users some to collieries but No. 610 was sold to
the East Kent Railway becoming their no.4.
EKR No. 4 became BR No. 30948 in 1948 but was withdrawn before the number was applied.
Two others 602 and 604 were sold to Alexandra Docks and Harbour Board in 1919 coming into GWR stock in 1923 and BR stock in 1948 bearing numbers 666 and 667 they were withdrawn in 1955 and 1954 respectively.

The Kerr Stuart sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

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WD Kerr Stuart

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