British Railways Class 53 Co-Co ‘Falcon’

British Railways Class 53 Co-Co ‘Falcon’

Falcon was built by Brush in Loughborough as a demonstrator for the Maybach MD655 linked to electric traction motors.
’Falcon’ had 2 of the MD655 developing 2700 bhp.
Originally the locomotive was numbered D0280 and painted in a lime green and chestnut brown livery, this was later replaced by a two-tone green livery whilst still owned by brush.
Initially on loan for testing the locomotive was allocated to the Eastern region running on the Great Eastern and Great Northern sections.
In December 1961 it was on loan to the Western Region to give comparison between the hydraulic (Westerns) and electric traction motors.
In 1962 it moved back to the eastern region running the Master Cutler pullman express from Sheffield to Kings Cross.
‘Falcon’ was sold to BR in December 1970 and was painted in corporate BR Blue and allocated to the Western region being shedded at Bristol and Newport until its withdrawal in 1975 and scrapping in 1976.

BR number D1200 (Numbered D0280 whilst on loan from Brush)

D0280 ‘Falcon’ sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

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Class 53 'Falcon'

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