British Railways Class 52 C-C ‘Western’

British Railways Class 52 C-C ‘Western’

Class 52 or ‘Westerns’ were introduced in December 1961.
They were designed and built at Swindon works each locomotive utilising two Maybach MD655 engines of 1350H.P. each coupled to two Voith-North British hydraulic transmissions.
Production continued up until December 1963 when the 74
th locomotive was produced.
The bodies were of a distinctive design with the side panels conforming to that of Mk1 passenger stock. The sphere of operation was from Paddington to Chester via Wolverhampton L.L. and Paddington to Plymouth the whole class never straying far from the Western Region.

BR Number series D1000-D1073
7 have been preserved.

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The Dapol has different lighting setup to the Heljan model.

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Class 52 Western

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