Beyer Peacock Class 35 B-B Hymek

Beyer Peacock Class 35 B-B Hymek

The Hymeks were intended as a replacement for the Hall and Grange Class 4-6-0s for mixed traffic work on the western region of B.R.
They had a Maybach MD870 engine developing 1700hp. coupled to a Mekydro Hydraulic Transmission.
The first Hymeks were delivered to Bristol Bath Road depot and worked services to Cardiff, Weymouth, Hereford, Shrewsbury and Paddington.
Eventually the Hymeks could be seen virtually everywhere on the Western Region even acting as Lickey incline bankers where up to three could be seen working together.

BR Number series D7000-D7100
4 have been preserved.

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Class 35 Hymek

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