GWR/BR City 3700 Class

GWR/BR City 3700 Class

During WW1 the railways of Britain were charged with the task of producing locomotives and stock for use within Europe and the Middle East.
In addition to that there was a need for ambulance trains for use within the UK.
The Midland Railway together with others produced complete trains for the purpose.
Those trains were hauled by locomotives of various companies one of which was the Great Western. Bachmann have produced a GWR City 3700 Class loco painted in WW1 Drab Kaki.
Designed by Churchward initially as a rebuild of 10 of the Atbara class in 1902.
A further 10 were built in 1903 as new engines, one of which 3440 'City of Truro' has been preserved the only one to enter service with BR.
Allegedly it was clocked by Charles Rouse-Martin at 100mph in 1904 on a run from Plymouth to Paddington (LNER fans look away now) being the first locomotive to break the 100mph ceiling.
The Class were designed for running express and mail trains from Paddington to the West of England so were very well suited to the needs of the ambulance trains.

BR number series 3440 (the only one to enter BR service)
1 has been preserved.

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WD City 3700

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