GNR(I) Class V

GNR(I) Class V 4-4-0
Glover designed these Smith compound locomotives which were built by Beyer-Peacock in 1932 and put straight to work on Dublin-Belfast expresses.
The class were known locally as Pounders or just Compounds.
Originally the locomotives had round topped fireboxes but in 1946 No 87 'Kestrel' received a Belpaire firebox and boiler built by Harland and Wolff, others we also treated to new boilers as replacements became necessary.
When the GNR(I) was disbanded in 1958 3 became UTA stock and 2 CIE stock.

GNR(I) number series 83-87

UTA withdrew its last one in 1961.

The last was with drawn form CIE in 1963 and is now preserved.

The class V sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

The sounds have been enhanced with archived sounds.

Two versions are available, freight and passenger.

Please choose carefully which decoder type and locomotive preference.

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GNR 'V' Class 'Merlin'

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