BR ‘Fell’ Locomotive 10100

BR ‘Fell’ Locomotive 10100

This unusual locomotive designed by Lt-Col Fell utilised the principal of differential drive using four Paxman diesel engines of 500bhp each as the prime movers.
There were also two AEC 150bhp diesels driving the turbochargers and other auxiliaries.
At starting, the auxiliary engines would start then each of the four main Paxman engines would start one after another.
Only one of the prime mover engines was used when pulling away and as speed increased others cut in.
First engine 0-7 mph, second engine 7-19 mph, third engine 19-27 mph and lastly the forth engine at over 27mph.
Maximum speed was 75 mph.
It was the only mainline locomotive to have radiators at the front of the nose and the prime mover diesel engines situated in the nose.
The locomotive built in 1950 at Derby Works and introduced to traffic in 1952 as a private venture was later sold to BR in 1955.
It was shown to the press at Marylebone and then entered service on St. Pancras to Manchester Central trains, it also underwent dynamometer car trials on the Settle & Carlisle line.
In 1958 a fire in the locomotive caused considerable damage and the locomotive was withdrawn returned to Derby and was scrapped in 1960

BR Number 10100
Withdrawn 1958

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