UTA/NCC Class WT 2-6-4T
Built new in 1946-1950 these Ivatt designed locos were tank versions of the W class Stanier 2-6-0 tender locomotives of 1933.
They were originally employed on the Larne-Belfast and the Portrush Branch.
After the formation of the UTA the locomotives could be found working on the ex GNR(I) suburban trains.
As an experiment one, No. 55 was attached to a modified tender to increase its water capacity. Seven of the type received extensions to their coal bunkers between 1965 and 1968.
Towards the end of their careers the locomotives were used on trains containing spoil used to infill the land used on the M2 motorway construction in Belfast.
The classes claim to fame is that they were the last steam locomotives in mainline operation in Britain/Ireland.

UTA/NCC numbers 1-10 & 50-57

The last locomotive was withdrawn in 1971, one has been preserved.

The class WT sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

The sounds have been enhanced with archived sounds.

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NCC Class WT

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