UTA/NCC Class Y 0-6-0T
The two Y Class locomotives were ex LMS 3F Jinty Tanks converted from the British Standard Gauge of 4ft 8 1/2 in to the Irish Standard gauge of 5ft 3in.
The conversion took place in 1944, new boilers were installed in them at the same time.
The locos were put to use in the Belfast area running to and from the dock area.
These locomotives designed by Fowler and introduced by the LMS in 1924 were intended for general shunting, station pilot and short trip working being a development of the Johnson Midland Railway Jintys of 1899.

UTA/NCC numbers 18 & 19

18 was withdrawn in 1956 and 19 in 1963.

Neither was saved but 10 of the BR ex LMS locos have been preserved.

The class Y sounds are generic from the 3F Jinty recordings as there are none in preservation.

The sound are enhanced with archived sounds.

Please choose carefully which decoder type.

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NCC Class Y

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