Worsdell 0-6-0 (GER Y14 /LNER/BR Class J15)

Worsdell 0-6-0 (GER Y14 /LNER/BR Class J15)
Early in WW1 there was a requirement for locomotives of the 0-6-0 wheel arrangement with an axle loads of about 15 tons.
The Great Eastern Railway class Y14 (later LNER/BR Class J15) fitted the bill, a total of 43 were sent to France.
During WW11 two J15s which had previously been sold as surplus to a film studio were later sold on again to the M.O.D to work on the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway and were allocated Numbers WD221 and WD212.

BR Number series 65350-65479.
Last member of class withdrawn 1962.
None have been preserved.

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WD J15

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