North British Railway/LNER/BR J36

North British Railway/LNER/BR J36
In October 1917 the North British railway sent 25 locomotives of this 0-6-0 class to France.
There must have been a severe shortage of locomotives at this time as it is only one month after the GWR had sent 11 2-6-0s.
Their North British numbers had 5000 or 6000 added to them to prevent confusion with the Baldwin 0-6-0STs being delivered at the same time.
On return to the UK some of the repatriated locomotives received names which had a relevance to their time in France, some were named after areas and others after generals.

W.D. WW1 number series was in the range 56XX to 66XX as far as can be ascertained.
BR Number series 65210-65346.
Last locomotive withdrawn 1967.
1 has been preserved.

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WD J36

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