L&NWR/LMS/BR 7F G2A (Super Ds)

L&NWR/LMS/BR 7F G2A (Super Ds)
In 1916 when it was established that the British forces in France would need to take over the operations of the Standard gauge railways serving the front line.
The main requirement was for heavy freight locomotives on long trains from the Channel ports to distribution yards nearer the front.
One of the classes chosen for this work was the LNWR G2A (Super Ds).

W.D. WW1 number series Not known but it is thought that the WD used the locomotives LNWR numbers.
BR number series between 48892 and 49394.
The last locomotive was withdrawn in 1964.
None have been preserved, but a similar G2 class has one survivor.

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WD G2A Super D

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