Baldwin Class 10-12-D 4-6-0T

Baldwin Class 10-12-D 4-6-0T
A number of these locomotives were produced for the War Department for use in France during WW1. Becoming surplus to requirements in 1919 a number were sold to industrial users around the world.

Narrow gauge railways in the UK bought a few amongst which were the Welsh Highland Railway number 590, Snailbeach District Railway Numbered 3 & 4, Ashover Light Railway Hummy, Guy, Joan
and Peggy being the first Four.
Two replacements followed from Thomas Ward & Co., Bridget
and a replacement for the original Hummy which re-used its name.

Other survivors found their way into industry around the world many working in sugar plantations

Note: the Festiniog Railway has a similar locomotive Mountaineer built by Alco for the WD in 1916 but it is a 2-6-2T

The Baldwin sounds have been recorded from the prototype.
Not all functions are available on all locomotives.

Please choose carefully which decoder type.

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Baldwin 4-6-0T

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