GNR(I) Class U 4-4-0

GNR(I) Class U 4-4-0
Glover proposed these locomotives for secondary routes.
Five were built by Beyer-Peacock in 1915 and then in 1948 a further 5 were added with slightly higher boiler pressure, modified cabs and tenders.
The first five were named after Loughs and the later batch after counties.
When the GNR(I) was disbanded in 1958 the locos were split between CIE and the UTA.
The class soldiered on until 1963 with the CIE and 1965 with the UTA.
The UTA batch ending their days on Belfast suburban trains.

GNR(I) number series 196-205,
CIE number series 197-199N, 203N, 204N

The last CIE withdrawal in 1963.

UTA number series 64-68.

UTA withdrew its last one in 1965.

GNR U Class

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