GS/CIE Class M1 Sentinel

GS/CIE Class M1 Sentinel
In 1927 the Great Southern Railway bought 2 small shunting engines from the Sentinel Wagon Works Ltd in Shrewsbury, England.
These locomotives were an off the shelf design which had been or were just about ready for delivery to both the LMS & LNER railways in Britain.
The locomotives had a high-pressure boiler 2 cylinders and a chain drive transmission to the 2 axles.
First used at Cork and Tralee they moved to work the Market Siding at Limerick in 1932.
When Marketm Siding closed in 1940 they lay idle for some time.
On delivery the locos were numbered 1 and 2 but by 1928 they were renumbered to 280 and 281.

Number series 280 & 281 officially withdrawn 1948.

None have been preserved.

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CIE M1 Sentinel

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