Bagnall Industrial Diesel Shunters

Bagnall Industrial Diesel Shunters
Bagnall’s were founded in 1875 and built many industrial standard and narrow gauge plus main line steam locomotives at their Stafford Works.
They turned their attention into the production of diesel engines fairly early and produced many types for use in various industries.
Their largest customers included, for example, the N.C.B. and British Steel.
In 1959 Bagnall’s merged with Dorman Diesels in 1959 and then in 1962 were taken over by English Electric.

The Industrial shunter sounds have been recorded from the prototype Gardner 8L3 engine .

Please choose carefully which decoder type.

The Shunter file has the gear change feature so you have to change gear to make the locomotive go faster.

Video not available at this moment in time.

Bagnal shunter