Ex British Railways Class 03 0-6-0 DM Shunter

Ex British Railways Class 03 0-6-0DM Shunter
In 1957 BR introduced the first of its standard ‘small’ shunting locomotive.
It was very similar to the Drewry diesel mechanical shunters and used the same prime mover a Gardner 8L3 delivering 204hp.
Due to the closure of many of the smaller freight yards and depots several locomotives became surplus to BR’s requirements and many were sold on to industry.
By 1980 41 locomotives had been sold on to Port Authorities, N.C.B., B.I.S., C.W.S., British Salt etc.
Many sold to scrap metal merchants were put to work before being cut up.

BR Number series 11187-11211 (first 25 out of Swindon Works) renumbered D2000-D2024
D2025-D2199 & D2370-D2399.
In 1974 the BR TOPS numbering system was introduced.
The locomotives were then renumbered 03 004 to 03 389 there were many gaps due to scrapping and the split sequence in the D number series.

Over 50 have passed on into preservation.

The Industrial shunter sounds have been recorded from the prototype Gardner 8L3 engine .

Please choose carefully which decoder type.

The Shunter file has the gear change feature so you have to change gear to make the locomotive go faster.

Video not available at this moment in time.

Industrial 03