British Railways Class 40 English Electric type 4 1Co-Co1

British Railways Class 40 English Electric type 4 1Co-Co1

As part of the 1955 order for 10 Pilot Scheme diesel locomotives ordered from English Electric, the first locomotive was delivered in 1958.
With an English Electric 16 cylinder diesel engine of 2000 hp and a top speed of 90mph the locomotives were suitable for freight and express passenger work of the period.
The first 10 were allocated to the Eastern Region followed by a production batch of a further 190 allocated to the Midland, North Eastern and Scottish Regions.
When used on unfitted mineral trains the locomotives were often fitted with a break tender to increase the braking efficiency.
25 members of the class received names of Merchant Ships specifically for use on Euston to Liverpool expresses.
D322 was withdrawn in 1967, following an accident at Acton Grange in1966 and so did not receive a tops number.
The first batch of locomotives had train Classification disks, but later models had blinds indicating the train number.

BR Number series D200-D399.
Tops Nos. 40.001-40.199.
7 have been preserved.
General service withdrawals commenced in 1976 with a few soldiering on until 1985.

The class 40 sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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Class 40

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