British railways (Swindon) Class 42 B-B DH ‘Warship’

British railways (Swindon) Class 42 B-B DH ‘Warship’
Based on the German V200 class of diesel hydraulics B.R. (Swindon) was tasked with making the design fit the B.R. loading gauge.
The result was the Class 42 ‘Warship’
Initially three were built the first entering service in 1958.
They had two Bristol Siddeley-Maybach MD650V of 1056hp.
Transmission was two Mekydro hydraulic converters.
The next 35 members of the class followed on quickly taken into service between 1959 and 1961.
The full production batch having slightly higher rated engines at 1152hp.
One exception was D830 which was given a pair of Paxman 12YJXL engines of 1200hp. Withdrawals began in 1968 for the first three then 1971 -1972 for the main batch.

BR Number series D800-D832 & D866-D870
Two have been preserved.

The class 42 ‘Warship’ sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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Class 42 Warship

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