WD/BR Austerity 2-8-0

WD/BR Austerity 2-8-0
Designed by Riddles and introduced in 1943 these locomotives were a simplified development of the LMS 8F being easier to produce and maintain under war conditions.
Many of these locomotives were shipped abroad seeing service in Europe.
200 locomotives were sold to the LNER in 1947 becoming class O7 and a further 533 on loan to the Railway Executive came into BR stock in 1948.
The locomotives had Westinghouse air pumps fitted for service abroad, but these were removed soon after adoption by the LNER and BR.
The locomotives were designed and used on heavy freight trains after D day in France and afterwards in the rest of Europe as allied troops advanced.

After the war 237 worked on Nederlandshe Spoorwegen (Netherlands Railways N.S.).
5 locomotives were loaned to Nederlandsche Staatsminen (Netherlands Mining N.S.M)
In 1946, 12 were shipped to Hong Kong for use on the Kowloon-Canton Railway (K.C.R.).
One of the two locomotives that worked in the Netherlands which were sold on to Statens Jarnvagar (Swedish State Railways S.J) was shipped back to the UK and now bears the number 90733.
No’s 77337 & 79250 remained with the military working on the Longmoor Military Railway (L.M.R.)

W.D. No series 800-889, 7000-7509, 8510-8718 & 9177-9312.
Note W.D. Numbers had 70000 added to them in 1944 so as not to clash with numbers of locomotives of countries served whilst the Allied front moved forward.
N.S. Number series 4301-4537
N.S.M. Number series 61-64 & 70
S.J. Numbers 1930/1
K.C.R Numbers 21-32
B.R. Number series 90000-90732*
Last BR Locomotive withdrawn1967
*None of the BR batch have been preserved but see short history above regarding 90733 ex S.J.

The WD Austerity sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

The file has been updated to the new functions.
Not all functions are available on all locomotives.

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WD Austerity

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