Stanier LMS 8F 2-8-0

Stanier LMS 8F 2-8-0
The LMS heavy freight locomotive designed by Stanier was adopted in 1940 as the standard for the War Department for new construction.
However, in 1943 Riddles designed a locomotive which used less sophisticated construction techniques which was adopted as the new standard for the W.D. and production was transferred to the new design.
In fact, the later orders for nos. 800-879 were transferred to the new Austerity 2-8-0 design.
Westinghouse pumps were fitted for train air brakes and many of the locos were converted to oil fuel firing.
143 of the locomotives went to Iranian State Railways (Ir.S.R.) 42 went to Egyptian Railways (E.R.) 20 to Turkish Railways (T.C.D.D.) and 12 to Iraqi State Railways (Iq.S.R.). then 15 to Italy (F.S.).
After the local disposals some were kept for military service others transferred to the LMS with the reminder being scrapped after being used for spares.

W.D. No. series 300-499, 500-524 & 540-623.
Ir.S.R. number series 41.100-41.145 & 41.150-41.246
E.R. number series 850-891
T.C.D.D number series 45151-45170
Iq.S.R. number series 1421-1432
F.S. number series 737.001-737.015
B.R. Whole Class number series 48000-48775

The 8F sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

The file has been updated to the new functions.
Not all functions are available on all locomotives.

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WD Stanier 8F

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