Hunslet Class 50550 0-6-0ST (LNER/BR J94)

Hunslet Class 50550 0-6-0ST (LNER/BR J94)
Building commenced in 1943 these 0-6-0ST locomotives were ordered for the Ministry of Supply.
A small number of locomotives were fitted with Westinghouse pumps for working air braked stock.
They were used in Europe and North Africa after D Day for shunting and trip working as well as in the UK at docks and military establishments.
In total 377 had been built to the Ministry of Supply order by 1947, of which 9 were kept by the military, 75 sold to the LNER, 27 to Nederlandshe Spoorwegen (Netherlands Railways N.S.)
11 locomotives were loaned to Nederlandsche Staatsminen (Netherlands Mining N.S.M), 6 to Chemins de Fer Tunisiens (Tunisian Railways C.F.T.), and others sold to industries in both the UK and Europe.
The LNER classified them as class J94

W.D. No. series 1437-1456, 1462-1536, 5000-5199 & 5250-5331 (in 1944 7000 was added to the numbers)
N.S. number series 8801-8827
N.S.M. number series 65-69 &71-76
C.F.T number series 3.51-3.56
BR number series 68006-68080
The last BR locomotive was withdrawn from stock in 1967.
2 ex BR locos and many ex industrial/MOD ones have been preserved.

The J94 sounds have been recorded from the prototype.
Not all functions are available on all locomotives.

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