Robinson ROD 2-8-0 (GCR/LNER/BR O4)

Robinson ROD 2-8-0 (GCR/LNER/BR O4)
Designed by Robinson of the Great Central Railway for heavy fright work and introduced in 1911.
The design was adopted by the Railway Operating Division (ROD) of the Royal Engineers who ordered 521 locomotives which were built between 1917 and 1919.
They were fitted with Westinghouse pumps for train brakes on the continent.
After the war the locomotives surplus to military requirements were offered for sale some 100 going to the GWR and 50 to the LNWR (becoming LMS engines in 1923) and after being in storage the LNER bought a further 273 being added to the 130 taken over from the GCR.
In the 1920s 13 of the WD locomotives were bought by J & A Brown and shipped to Australia to work on the Richmond Vale Railway (3 of those locos have been preserved).
In the early stages of WWll 92 LNER owned locomotives were requisitioned by the WD and shipped to Egypt and Palestine and could be found also in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

R.O.D WWl number series between 1601 and 2165.
As records have been destroyed this is subject to confirmation.
Details from LNER works records compiled by Yeadon.
W.D. No. series WWll 700-791 (renumbered 9700-9791 in 1942 then renumbered again in 1944 to 79700-79791).
BR Whole Class number series 63570-63920.
The last BR locomotive was withdrawn from B.R. stock in 1966.
One of the BR locos has been preserved.

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WD Robinson ROD

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