Dean Goods 0-6-0 (GWR/BR 2301 Class)

Dean Goods 0-6-0 (GWR/BR 2301 Class)
Designed by William Dean and built over a 17-year period from 1883-1899 these 0-6-0 tender locomotives could be found all over the GWR.
62 locomotives of the class were taken over by the WD in the First World War.
The majority were used in France with 16 going to Greece.
Again, in the Second World War over 108 locomotives were used by the allies and found their way around the world, examples being reported in Austria, Silesia Tunisia and Italy.
They received Westinghouse pumps and various other modifications, ten were given condensing gear and auxiliary pannier tanks.
Many were lost to enemy action in the early year years of the War and some ended up under German control.
Whilst abroad in France (S.N.C.F.) and Italy (F.S.) Some of the locomotives were given ‘local’ numbers.
In 1943 four were sent to Tunisia working banking trains up heavy gradients.
Immediately after WWll, 29 locomotives, followed buy a further 4 in 1947 were sent to China but we cannot trace if they received any numbers by the Chinese authorities.

W.D WWll number series 93-200
S.N.C.F. numbers 030W001-030W045
F.S. numbers 293.001-6
BR number series 2322-2579 with gaps due to scrapping.
Last locomotive withdrawn 1957.
1 has been preserved.

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