Midland Pullman

Midland Pullman British Rail Class 251/261
Introduced in 1959 there were 2 train sets allocated to the Midland Pullman service between London (St Pancras) and Manchester (Central).
The diesel power units, NBL/MAN L12V18/21BS diesel engines, are installed one in each of the driving-power-cars situated at the front and rear of the train.
The Electric traction motors were by G.E.C and the bodywork of the train was by Metro Cammell.
There was one power bogie under the power car and one under the Kitchen First which was coupled next to the power car.
The units painted in Nanking Blue and White made a striking sight especially when you consider that dieselisation was in its infancy on BR.
In 1966 the electric service from London (Euston) to Manchester (Piccadilly) was introduced and the sets transferred to the Western Region.
The final sets were withdrawn in 1973.

Driving Motor Brake First Numbered M60090-M60093
Trailer Firsts Numbered M60740-M60743
Motor First Kitchen Numbered M60730-M60733
None have been preserved

The class 251/261 Pullman sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

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