British Railways Class 41

North British, British Railways Class 41 A1A-A1A DH
Introduced in 1958 there were 5 diesel hydraulic locomotives built to this design for the Western Region by the North British Locomotive Co.
These 2000hp. Locomotives had 2 x NBL/MAN L12V18/21A diesel engines and Voith hydraulic transmission.
After initial trials in the Glasgow area the locomotives moved to Swindon for acceptance trials.
Originally allocated to Bristol and Plymouth the locomotives could be found working West Country express trains out of Paddington.
Being non standard the locomotives were early withdrawals all going in December 1967.


BR Number series D600-D604
None have been preserved.

The class 41 ‘Warship’ sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

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Class 41 Warship

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