SR /BR USA Class 0-6-0T

SR /BR USA Class 0-6-0T
Designed for the United States Army Transportation Corps and built in 1942-3 these short wheelbase tank locomotives were designed for use on the liberated railways of Europe.
After hostilities the locomotives were sold on to various operators throughout Europe, the Southern Railway buying 14 plus a spare for parts.
After modifications were made to the cabs they were used as dock shunters at Southampton.
These locos very rarely strayed from their base but from 1962 six were taken into departmental Stock and worked at Redbridge Sleeper Works, Lancing Carriage Works, Ashford Works and Meldon Quarry.

BR Number series 30061-30074 (Departmental series DS233-DS238)
Last locomotive withdrawn 1967. 4 have been preserved.

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