CIE K1 Class

GS/CIE Class K1 Class (Woolwich & Woolworth) 2-6-0
These locomotives were introduced in 1925 being manufactured at Inchicore & Broadstone using parts obtained from Woolwich Arsenal.
Originally designed by Maunsell for the South Eastern and Clapham Railway, during the depression in the 1920s the British Government in an attempt to alleviate unemployment at Woolwich Arsenal produced parts for 100 of the class.
26 sets of parts went to the Great Southern Railway in Ireland.
20 were built with 5ft 6in driving wheels class K1 and 6 with 6ft driving wheels K1a.
The locomotives were used across the GSR on both main and subsidiary lines.

Number series 372-391

None have been preserved.

The K1 sounds are generic as there are none in preservation.

The sounds are enhanced with archived sounds.

The file has been updated to the new functions.
Not all functions are available on all locomotives.

Please choose carefully which decoder type.

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