CIE 101 J15 Class

GS&WR/GS/CIE Class 101/J15 0-6-0
Introduced by MacDonnell in 1866 production continued up until 1903.
In all 111 of the class were built making them the numerically greatest class of locomotives ever to run in Ireland.
The original design was based on the LNWR Ramsbottom DX class but during their lifetime there were many modifications, larger boilers, Belpaire fireboxes, super-heating and modified tenders gave the class a variety rarely seen in other classes.
The area of operation was originally anywhere on the GS&WR system then the Great Southern and eventually all over the CIE network.

Number series 101-200,223,229,232,240-243,253-256.
Last locomotive withdrawn1966.
Two have been preserved.

The sounds have been enhanced with archived sounds.

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