Andrew Barclay

Andrew Barclay Industrial Shunter.
Barclays in Kilmarnock had been producing locomotives since 1859 and were generally engaged in the production of 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotives to steelworks, contractors, coal mines, docks and municipal undertakings.
So widespread was their sphere of operation that Barclay products could be found all over the UK.
Our recording of an Andrew Barclay locomotive is of the 14 inch type (14 inch refers to the cylinder diameter).
The last steam locomotive manufactured was in 1962 but Barclays also produced Diesel shunting locomotives after that date.

Many examples of Barclay's products can be found on preserved lines throughout the UK.

The Andrew Barclay locomotive sounds have been recorded from the prototype.

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