Whilst we would consider fitting a sound decoder to any locomotive there are a few practicalities that need to be taken into consideration.

1/ Is there space for the decoder?
2/ Does the locomotive run smoothly without jerks jolts or stalls?

To that end it would not be advisable to install a sound decoder into a locomotive manufactured with a split -chassis or one with tender drive.
We have found that split-chassis locos tend to wobble and jerk after a few years in service and the tender driven locos are virtually impossible to match the exhaust beat to the cylinder strokes. Having said that if you have a locomotive of those types that is exceptionally free running please contact us for details.

If enquiring into decoder fitting please supply us with the following information, model manufacturer, catalogue number and BR running number to enable us to be specific with our response.

Fitting of decoders is subject to the following:-
We only fit ESU Loksound decoders and Express head and tail lamps to OO gauge locomotives.
Head and tail lamps for N gauge are made to order.

Fitting of sound decoders can be to both DCC ready and non-DCC ready locos.

1/ It may be necessary to remove some of the internal weights from the locomotive to facilitate the installation of the decoder. 

2/ In some smaller tender locomotives and virtually all tank locomotives it is advisable to hard wire the decoder.
3/ Where a decoder is in the locomotive and the speaker in the tender or if any lighting circuit is required the engine and tender will have permanent jumper cables installed.
4/ Wherever possible we will hide any wires that are installed.
In some cases between loco and tender the wires where visible will be made as discrete as possible.

5/ Lights will be fitted in the requested positions wherever possible. 
On models where this is not possible we will advise you of any alternatives which may be available.

6/ Lights will be installed using the BR standard train class code system, if alternatives are required please send full details of your requirements. 
7/ Your locomotive will be returned to you with the exhaust beat in line with the piston stroke for the class of locomotive running within a prototypical speed range.
If you require to have your locomotive set to maximum speed please let us know prior to installation.

8/ We will endeavour to install your decoder and lights within 14 days of receipt.
9/ Return postage will be by Royal Mail Special Delivery (unless otherwise arranged) and charged at cost.
Tracking numbers are available upon request.

Fitting criteria